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  • An innovative business platform dedicated to small and medium-sized companies
  • Access to additional advertising by posting an editable listing of your business
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  • Positioning and advertising your company's products and services
  • Establishing new business relationships by gaining access to a directory of companies that are Platform Users by: industry goods services suppliers and customers
  • Posting job advertisements and posting resumes translated into selected languages
  • Possibility to record videos in at least two languages in which the candidate talks about themselves and their competencies

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A graduate of the prestigious Koźmiński University of Management and Entrepreneurship in Warsaw. She has been involved in the banking and insurance sector in Poland since the 1990s and has been actively operating in international markets for several years.

She has gained extensive experience, among others, at Premium Financial, where she served as the Director of the Nationwide Sales Network. Currently, she runs a company that actively supports the acquisition of financing for companies in the e-commerce, construction services, and trade sectors, as well as a consulting firm in Ukraine, where she utilizes her knowledge of international markets to support entrepreneurs.