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Business expansion: new opportunities for growth and expansion into other markets
Revenue growth: increasing the company's turnover and profits
Price flexibility: ability to adjust prices to the market
Risk reduction: diversification of markets and income sources
Customer loyalty increase: maintaining steady relationships and clientele
Diversified sales channels: access to various companies and industries
Ecosystem development: creating partnerships and a business ecosystem
Technological support: access to innovative tools and solutions
Trust increase: greater credibility and reputation of the company
Access to experts: collaboration with industry professionals
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Meetfaces Trading is:

  • An innovative business platform dedicated to small and medium-sized companies
  • Access to additional advertising by posting an editable listing of your business
  • Unlimited possibility to update your offer by adding photos advertising videos text data files
  • Positioning and advertising your company's products and services
  • Establishing new business relationships by gaining access to a directory of companies that are Platform Users by: industry goods services suppliers and customers
  • Posting job advertisements and posting resumes translated into selected languages
  • Possibility to record videos in at least two languages in which the candidate talks about themselves and their competencies